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Backup Solutions along with Business Continuity Plan, are the blueprints for how companies survive from major equipment failure to a disaster (such as an earthquake, fire, or sprinkler flood), to a cyberattack, to local malicious intent. In particular, businesses with less than 100 employees, generally lack the in-house IT resources to achieve the demanding planning, technical and process requirements for business continuity and disaster recovery.


To bring the benefits of managed IT services full circle, Innovuntech can build comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan.



Innovuntech Business Continuity Plans Include:


  •     Clear identification of the objectives, including disruption tolerance.

  •     A timeframe for the recovery.

  •     A system in place to mitigate risk.

  •     Automatic failover.

  •     Local and cloud backups.

  •     System failure notifications.


Companies need business continuity and disaster recovery services to keep revenue coming in. We can walk you through a comprehensive process leading to a comprehensive plan.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your backup solutions.

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